WEI Admin Help Manual

data for matrix by precinct

You can export the data needed to create an L&A matrix by precinct for an election.

  • WEI Admin > Candidates > Reports > County Downloads > L & A Matrix
  • Enter election id, click export.

This creates a tab delimited text file that can be imported into Excel to create a L&A test matrix. The easiest way to do this -

  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Drag-and-drop the downloaded file into any open workbook
    • Excel should create a new workbook with the downloaded text
  • Select All
  • Create Pivot Table
  • Assign District Name, Race Name, and Ballot Name to the ROWS (in that order)
  • Assign Votes to the VALUES
    • May need to change Value Field Settings from Count of Votes to Sum of Votes

This is now the basic structure of the L&A test matrix. You will need to add one write-in ballot, one overvoted ballot, and one blank ballot into the test deck wherever you find appropriate. This matrix only includes ballot styles so you will need to add any remaining precincts you wish to test into the matrix manually (i.e. for the Internal Logic and Accuracy test).