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Bulk Audit

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Bulk Audit (formerly called Full Audit)


This verifies the voter records on the county EMS match the records on the VRDB. For any that don't match, it sends up a voter update to the VRDB.


1) After each election, county staff should trigger a bulk audit (it audits all active and inactive voters in the couny EMS).
    DIMS - The county can first use this query to check for duplicate stateVoterIDs.
               This isn't required to be done before the bulk audit. It's just a good practice.
2) Once audit is complete - check the Failed Audit report in the VRDB. Try to clear any voters in the report.
3) Run the Voter Status report in the VRDB.
4) If there are any discrepancies in A or I voters, the county should request a County Audit Exceptions report.
5) After processing the Audit Exceptions, the county should run the Voter Status report again.
6) If there are still discrepancies, the county should request a County Audit List.


How to Trigger a Bulk Audit

Each EMS allows county staff to trigger a bulk audit.


  1. Select State Queue Management (bottom left)
    • Five buttons - refresh, statewide transaction options, countywide audit, global update and help.
  2. Select countywide audit.
This will reset all the audit flags for each A and I to 0, meaning an audit is needed for the voter. Each evening, DFM checks the audit flag on the voter records and produces a checksum for all records needing an audit, and sends them to the VRS in audit packets, 1000 voters per packet.


  1. DXI Desktop, Utilities, Send Voter Audit Request
  2. Request an Audit for All Voters
  3. (click) Send Audit Request
A request is sent to the Batch Processor.  The Batch Processor is set to start jobs between 6PM to 6AM. At 6PM, the Bulk Audit processor gets the request and starts creating audit packets, placing them in a Send Audit queue. So any A, I or P records at this time will get audit packets created.


  1. VRDB/WEI menu
  2. Manage voter audit
  3. (two buttons) Queue a full set of audit records, and Send
After the audit records are queued, county staff must click Send.