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Electronic Registrations

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Online Registrations


Registration data from Motor Voter, state online registrations (OLVR), and address changes from My Vote, are gathered in a WEI Transaction database at the state. They are assigned a unique TransmitID, and are electronically sent to county systems for processing as new registrations or address changes before they are processed by the VRDB.
NOTE: In 2012, MyVote was changed so that it sends all voters as new, including existing voters that make address changes. This is to get the signature for all voters, and also to prevent the problem with address changes that were going to the wrong county, and there was no way to forward them on to the correct county. New registrations can be forwarded.


WEI Transaction DB  <----------->  EMS  -----------> VRDB


County Processing


As of 2013, OLVR records are sent to a 'VR Import' category.

​The system does not recognize existing voters.

​When staff work the record, they click 'Find voter' button to search for existing record in DIMS.

​The 1st search is pre-filled with full first and last name.

​A possible 2nd search would be first initial and DOB.

​(For names like Andrew, this search might be A, and another for D to find Drew.)

​If a voter is found the staff member can link it up to the new OLVR record.

​(As an extra check, before King County applies the VR import table to their voter table, they have a query that checks for duplicate DL number, or duplicate name and DOB.)