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Before A Special Election

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  1. On Proposition Deadline day, add your Measures in WEI Admin, and Approve them.  
    • This will alert any non-Lead counties of the measure
    • This also alerts OSOS Communications, who like to know what counties have an election.
    • If a non-WEI county is the LEAD, either email OSOS to add measure, or use a login to WEI Admin for the Lead county. (Ask OSOS to create one for you.) King and Yakima are the only non-WEI counties.
  2. Make sure your Online Voters' Guide properly displays your measures.

Drop Boxes

  1. In WEI Admin, open or close any drop boxes that will be available for this election.
    • ​WEI Admin > Locations > Search
  2. Bring up any drop boxes that aren't permanent for every election. ​
  3. Go to elections tab to indicate the election that the box is open.
  4. Save


  1. Check the VRDB home for counties having an election.
  2. Before Registration cutoff, process transfers promptly, especially for counties having an election.
  3. After online/mail-in Registration cutoff, do not process transfers  for counties having an election.  

​​Ballots ​

  1. (Optional) Hart and Dominion counties can dowload a 'Ballot Export' - a ballot layout file for Infusion or BPS. ​
  2. ​​​​MyBallot now refers to all counties. It is each county's electroinc ballot delivery choice. ​ ​Every county should go to WEI Admin > Current Election > MyBallot / Ballot Status to turn on the menu item in MyVote, and indicate whether they WEI ballot, or another program link. ​ ​This must be turned on before the UOCAVA deadline. ​
  3. Certify ballot mailing to the SOS as soon as initial ballot mailing is posted per RCW 29A.40.070 using the Mail Ballot Certification Form. ​
  4. Turn on display of Ballot Status for MyVote. ​
  5. ​(Optional) Post a Sample Ballot to your website. ​ ​

Election Results

  1. Set up your upload file - Election Results > Upload Setup
  2. Do a test upload of your L&A results - Election Results > Upload Results.
  3. Wahkiakum - Test manual entry - Election Results > Manual Entry.
  4. Verify your results are displaying properly.
  5. Notify OSOS if you are running the election for your joint county. - Depending on how small the turnout is, results can be mixed in with your results, or listed under joint county.
  6. Add link to website for archived results. (Always good to do ahead of time.)