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Finalizing the Primary

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Certification Day

    • PDF of the original (paper) election certification oaths (oath of auditor and certification of the canvassing board) with original signatures & the county seal.
    • PDF of your system's cumulative summary report of results, including the number of write-ins, overvotes and undervotes for each federal, statewide, legislative and judicial race with declared write-ins that crosses county lines.  Do not include precinct committee officer results.
    • Individual write-in vote tallies federal, state, and legislative races with declared candidates that cross county lines must be included.  If the individual vote tallies do not equal the number of write-ins listed on your cumulative report, please include an explanation.
    • The completed Reconciliation Form. (MS Excel) RCW 29A.60.235(1).
      Please download this form each election as it may have changes.
      DO NOT SEND AS PDF! Please send the excel file.

Election Results


Update VRDB Last Voted Dates


Advance Candidates from Primary to General Election